Website Upgrade

If your website is not getting the traffic you’d like, chances are that you’re not adding content regularly. Most traditional HTML sites are static and don’t generate a lot of new content. They serve as fine business cards, but are often dismissed quickly...because well, they're outdated. Fortunately, because of the accessibility of WordPress themes, your website can go from a simple business card to an engaging internet presentation in much less time than it takes to custom build a website from the ground up.

Additionally, you will be able to quickly and easily share information and automatically send an update to all of your social media accounts in order to gain greater traffic and visibility.

Is your current website responsive and mobile friendly? Just another benefit of upgrading to WordPress.

WordPress 101

Once we have you all set up with your brand new website, you'll want to know how to add content and keep it active. I offer a two hour complimentary WordPress workshop (or e-book) to every new website upgrade client.


Content is still King . Sharing regular "blog" or news updates with your audience is a great way to capture and keep their attention. I will work with you to craft blog post updates that are rich in key words related to your industry. Don't know how to blog? That's okay, I've been a successful blogger since 2008.

Maintenance, Updates & Upgrades

To maintain its integrity your WordPress site will need regular updates, upgrades and file backups. I can perform these tasks to keep your site running smoothly for a low monthly retainer.

Video Production

Video marketing is vastly becoming the most widely used medium for businesses to engage their audience.  Nearly 89% of business owners present their service and/or product to their customers and clients via video marketing.  I specialize in documentary video marketing to showcase the “face behind the brand”.

Social Media

Successful businesses understand the importance of well organized and strategic marketing campaigns. Social media networking sites are easy and cost effective ways to successfully expand your reach.

Using social media you can benefit in these areas:

  1. Increased awareness of your brand and offerings
  2. Increased traffic to your website
  3. Greater ability to monitor and respond to conversations and inquiries about your business
  4. Better understanding of customer’s perceptions and expectations
  5. Improved insights and analytics in target markets

Social Media Campaigns & Management Services

Engage your clients with effective social media networking.  I can customize a targeted Social Media Action Plan and monitor its reach by facilitating your online conversations and weed out any SPAM.

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