Do You Have Google+ Klout?

Google+ is now a part of the Klout Score!

Since users started connecting their Google+ to Klout in late September, we have been hard at work building a model for G+ influence. With its explosive growth and innovative features, it’s a notable addition to the Klout score.  From the get-go, Google+ came with circles, which set boundaries for shared content.  As on Facebook, you can Like content from other users (called a “+1”) and comment on it. People validate your content by +1’ing it.  They can also Reshare it — which will spread it further through your own circles as well as spreading it to their own. Since it launched, Google+ has seen early adopters crossing over from Twitter and Facebook, especially in the tech industry.  The Reshare, which is in some ways similar to a Retweet, allows Google+ users to comment and discuss topics of interest similarly to Facebook, while having an immediacy of Twitter.

We are currently measuring influence for users who have already connected their Google+ accounts to Klout. Of those users, 62% are active on Google+ and therefore should see it affect their Score based on their ability to drive action on that platform.

Google+ and your Score

If you are active on Google+ and have connected your Google+ account to Klout, you will see a Score increase. Regardless of activity level, no user with Google+ connected will see a Score drop. Similarly, we do not penalize users who do not connect Google+ accounts. We measure influence on Google+ by analyzing public posts.

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