Who I Am

I’m Jaszy (pronounced "Jazzy", short for Jasmine) McAllister. I was born in Washington, DC but grew up in New Jersey. Since then I have lived in Washington State, Korea, Virginia, and North Carolina (courtesy of Uncle Sam). Presently I live in sunny Southwest, Florida.

As a kid I wanted to be an astronomer, a writer, a pilot, and Diana Ross (because I wanted to sing and be in movies). Later in life my dreams shifted to wanting to become a District Attorney or a kick-ass FBI agent like the fictional character Clarice Starling from the movie Silence of the Lambs .

I graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Soon after graduating I joined the Army and served in the Military Police Corp. I’m glad for the experience but it taught me that a career in law enforcement was not my calling.

Shortly after leaving the military I made a leap to nurture my creative side. In 2003, as a self-taught jewelry designer, I launched which turned out to be a very successful wholesale custom jewelry company where I was able to sustain several local and international accounts. I taught myself every aspect of owning a small business and was solely responsible for designing, creating, marketing, and selling my handcrafted jewelry.

In 2005 after a fluke encounter with famed director KT Curran, I landed an acting role in The Source Theater's, The Day I Opened My Eyes, an opportunity that allowed me to go on tour and perform before members of Congress. Since that first acting experience I have performed in over a dozen professional venues including television and short films.

During the poor economic climate at the beginning of 2008, I began to re-evaluate my jewelry business. It was at this time that I began teaching myself how to design websites, video production, and social media marketing. In 2009 I launched Modern Hippie Mag , an online resource dedicated to sustainability education and conscious living via a website that I designed. By releasing compelling content and utilizing social media marketing, Modern Hippie Mag grew from a small handful of contributors to nearly a dozen columnists reaching a large international readership.

Due in part to my success with Modern Hippie Mag and my growing skills in video production, I was contacted by Sarasota marketing professional Gayle Williams of Vision PR Marketing to do a series of videos for Selby Botanical Gardens and later for Westfield Sarasota Square Mall . These early projects were the impetus to my building a business that allows me to incorporate all of my creative talents.

I am quite comfortable on-camera as a host or presenter and equally skilled working behind the camera as producer and director. Social media now has a profound effect on how we market and interact in business and keeping up with its evolution is paramount to successfully staying in the game. I’m a geek. I love social media and I have learned firsthand its benefit in reaching and growing an audience.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means I’ve got moxie and talent, that I’m resourceful and tenacious, a strategic thinker and a problem solver. I know from years of experience what it takes to successfully bring an idea to fruition and the many hats an entrepreneur must wear to make it all happen oftentimes on a shoestring budget. I will assist you from inception to launch and thereafter. I am your resource as:

  • Producer
  • Project/Production Manager
  • Creative Director
  • WordPress Expert
  • Script Writer
  • Blogger
  • & Social Media Guru…

Let me be your Gal Friday 2.0, your online marketing professional working to your success!